"He will be yours, faithful and true, to the last beat of his heart"

                             Buying your SBT

Guidelines For Buying Your Staffordshire Bull Terrier Puppy

Always try to go to a reputable breeder, avoid buying through local newspapers, from advertisements in shops, or pet shops. Go to a breed champshow and meet the breeders and their dogs.

Make sure that you see the mother of your puppy and if possible the father. Check that the mother is in good health, of sound temperament and that the puppies appear to be in good health.

Ask to see the mother's registration document from the Kennel Club and the application for registration of the litter by the breeder which the breeder will have to have to register the litter with the Kennel Club.

It is recommended that you ask if the parents have been eye tested, HC and L-2-HGA DNA tested .To read more on L-2-HGA and HC visit the Health Issues page.

Be prepared to answer questions from the breeder. Have you had Staffords before, is someone at home in the day to look after the puppy, is the garden secure? Is the whole family going to be involved with the puppy? Do you have other animals in the house?
A responsible breeder should give you advice on diet, the puppy's worming regime and provide all the back up you may need with regards to settling your puppy in at home.They should also be prepared to give advice on exercise and socialisation, and if required the telephone number of you nearest Breed Club Secretary.

When you are buying your puppy you should expect to pay in the region of £400-£600 for a KC registered pedigree puppy from health screened parents. Do not let any breeder try to convince you that any of the Kennel Club recognised colours are rare and therefore more valuable.

Obtain the services of a veterinary surgeon's practice of your choice. Take your new puppy to be examined and for the initial vaccinations to be arranged.
Be cautious regarding the reason of breeders who want you to take delivery of your puppy before it is seven to eight weeks old.

It is hoped that the above information will be of assistance to any prospective buyer of a Staffordshire Bull Terrier puppy. Obviously the final decision rests with any prospective buyer at the end of the day. If you have any doubts whatsoever about purchasing a puppy from a particular litter, telephone the Secretary of your nearest Breed Club for advice.